Translucent Natural Stone Veneer

Translucent natural stones, preferred due its “light transmittance” and transparency properties. Due to the multi-coloured structure, light transmittance and limited number of production of translucent natural stone, it is usually applied in interior designs for decorative purposes. Because it is a special mine, super thin translucent natural stone veneer is generally applied in public areas such as lobbies and foyers, to provide visual richness in lighting. It is also preferred in smaller indoor and outdoor places such as bar desk fronts and top coverings, columns of bar, restaurant and entertainment places, reception front coverings, wall coverings, panels, fireplaces and building entrance coverings. It is also possible to cover various objects such as vases and figurines, animal figures, penholder and names, chess sets, candlesticks and candle holders, jewellery and keychains with translucent natural stone veneer.