The use of Natural Stone Indoors

In recent years, designers have rediscovered the natural stone and started to use it very often. The usage of natural stone in kitchens and bathrooms has exceeded the limits and it has become widespread in homes and offices. Since it contains many colours and natural patterns, it adds a difference to the interior designs. It is the most preferred interior materials as it adds depth to the area in which it is used, blending the classic and modern appearance together, resistant to moisture and can be used without any wear for many years.

Although the natural stone veneer provides a closer approach to a classic line in the interior, the accessories veneered using natural stone are easily adapted to the modern era. For example, in the areas where the stone is heavily paved in the kitchen, the lighting can be captured with the small details such as the more contemporary designs of the hanging lights from the ceilings or the excessive use of the wood density of the kitchen chairs. The colour and smooth surface of the natural stone veneer used in indoors adds a luxurious appearance to the space and provides a natural coolness in homes or offices in the heat of summer.