Sandstone comes in a wide range of patterns that can be found in nature and it has been used since ancient times as it is a porous stone, which allows it to be easily carved and processed. Flexible stone veneers are highly flexible and can be installed as easily as putting up wallpaper. Finesto proudly provides the largest flexible sandstone sheet available in the market to the costumers The sandstones that are produced by Finesto is completely unique and peerless in the world. Finesto has been able to produce natural sandstones for the first time in the world that no one has been able to produce them so far.

Standard Size: 1200 mm x 2800 mm
Thickness: 2-3 mm

Flexible stones can be installed easily using basic tools; therefore, a variety of tradesman such as wallpaper installers, carpenters, cabinet makers, tilers can install them.

The broad variety of pattern codes, colours and flexibility of these stone veneers offer countless combinations, and so allows for the creation of new effects and elegant and unique designs. Flexible Stone veneers can be applied over almost all types of surfaces including concrete, wood, metal, ceramic, tile, gypsum board, painted surfaces, MDF, door skins, plywood and many other substrates.