100% natural slate stone into 1.5mm thick sheet.

In addition to Flexible Slate’s material strength, the special designed texture of its internal skin makes it suitable for all accessories applications (including wet surface applications) as well as making it fit for a diverse range of industrial applications.


Ecostone is an unique and flexible material made of various types of natural sands and chipping of many different sedimentary stones. Ecostone can easily be applied to all types of surfaces, indoors and out..

This is a natural stone made in a unique artificial way in Finesto laboratories. In this unique way, all the special and expensive stones will be at your disposal, which are completely natural.

These stones are flexible, translucent and lightweight and can be customized to suit all customers’ specific designs in a variety of designs and colors.

Finesto is proud to present new collections on Ecostone each year as we are collaborating closely with globally well-known architects for the texture design of such veneers to achieve the desired demands of the market.

Standard Size: 1200 mm x 2800 mm
Thickness: 1.5-2 mm