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Finesto is an innovative company, which exports stone veneers (Sandstone, Ecostone, and Slate) and wallpapers made of natural stones, and has strong international sales and sole distributers all around the world. Over the years, Finesto, as supplier of Stone Veneers and wallpaper products, completed various commercial and residential projects across the globe.

Due to its high-tech manufacturing factories, located in three different countries, Finesto has all the potential to produce large quantities of stone veneer and wallpapers with competitive prices.

Finesto, a well-known innovative enterprise, is the leading firm in manufacturing flexible stone veneers (sandstone, ecostone, and slate) and crystal wallpapers. Research and evelopment (R&D) and the product development play a vital role in the excellence and merit features of Finesto. We accompany this trend to continue to produce novel products every year.

All the products have ISO 9001:2015 International quality certificate and CE certificate therefore make no concessions from producing stone veneers and wallpapers with the highest standards of quality. This also allows Finesto to provide a strong after-sales service to the costumers.

Finesto is a unique company in the wold with its high-tech facilities and diverse production capacity that produces flexible stone veneers such as sandstone, ecostone, slate, and crystal wallpapers with unique colours and textures available for various kinds of architectural style.

Stone veneer productions offer ranges of thicknesses (from 1.5 mm), unique selection of colours and textures, with a great coherent to diverse architectural styles. Finesto produces the largest size of stone veneers in the world, which demonstrate excellent compatible use as cladding luxury interior and exterior walls, building facades, flooring, doors, cabinets, lighting solutions including high-end furniture.

Finesto proudly provides the high-tech & largest flexible stone veneer sheets available in the market to the customers. Finesto natural and flexible stones have deep and convex veins, that after installing you will have a beautiful and natural 3D panel of veins dancing by the reflection of light and it will be more and more beautiful and unique.

It goes without saying that Finesto products will bring a new arena of decoration and design to the designers. Finesto has provided you a complete portfolio of products to create the most unique and special decor, products that are unique in their own way in the world. Finesto products are carefully and effortfully designed to help you create the most luxurious and premium decor.
Finesto is currently providing the building industry with four product lines including significant number of products and additives. With its manufacturing facilities in three different countries, Finesto globally covers a broad business network.


  •  Flexible Sandstone
  •  Flexible Ecostone
  •  Flexible Slate


  •  Polymers
  •  Resins
  •  Epoxy Primer
  •  Sealants


  •  Crystal Wallpaper
  •  Galaxy Wallpaper
  •  Wall Panels


  •  Microfilaments
  •  Spunbond
  •  Spunlace
  •  Meltblown
  •  Laminated Fabrics
  •  BI-component