Finesto is an innovative company, which exports stone veneers (Sandstone, Ecostone, and Slate) and wallpapers made of natural stones, and has strong international sales and sole istributers all around the world. Over the years, Finesto, as supplier of Stone Veneers and wallpaper products, completed various commercial and residential projects across the globe.

Due to its high-tech manufacturing factories, located in three different countries, Finesto has all the potential to produce large quantities of stone veneer and wallpapers with competitive prices.

Finesto, a well-known innovative enterprise, is the leading firm in manufacturing flexible stone veneers (sandstone,ecostone, and slate) and crystal wallpapers. Research and evelopment (R&D) and the product development play a vital role in the excellence and merit features of Finesto. We accompany this trend to continue to produce novel products every year.

What is Flexible Stone?

Flexible stones are veneers made of natural stones with thickness of 1.5 mm, which gives the sense of a naturally smooth stone surface.

Flexible stone veneers, produced with the revolutionary and innovative methods, can cover all types of surfaces easily and quickly. An elegant appearance of natural stone in the design can be achieved without using cumbersome and heavy stones. Both stone and fiberglass are combined with an innovative multi-step process and the result is a lightweight and durable material that is easy to work with and simple to install.

The broad variety of pattern codes, colours and flexibility of those stone veneers offer limitless combinations to create new effects in the design and decoration that will make the space an elegant and unique place.